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What do you think of the staff.....

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Just wished to put up this blog to see what members and visitors think of RedHawks staff. Do they look up to them or do they not pay any attention. That's all I wish to here from this blog...

For me, we should respect these hard workers for releasing such great series...!!
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  1. the p-man 2's Avatar
    I, myself look up to the staff members. Without them, RHS wouldn't even exist!
  2. Bakapapaya's Avatar
    They are nice :3
  3. Runte's Avatar
    What?! RedHawks had staff?! It didn't automatically release english chapters?! I thought they were like Onemanga :O
    What a culture shock...
  4. depression76's Avatar
    I think they're awesome, enjoying my time immensely with them 8D
  5. toten's Avatar
    they are a bunch of slave drivers, especially Taka!
    /me runs
  6. ducmq's Avatar
    @toten: carefull they say "you can run but you can't hide" :qqb012: though I agree with you
    Updated 07-18-2011 at 01:09 PM by ducmq
  7. pascua123's Avatar
    The RHS staff are really the one's running the site so thank you to the staff members because without them,there won't be any mangas to read here and the site would be nothing without them
  8. Seeker's Avatar
    RHS ? Staff ? Wat is dis ?
  9. Canary's Avatar
    I admire RHS staffs:qqb011:. They can do what I can't. I wish i could do something like translating or PT so I could join the team, but I can't do anything except saying thanks to RHS staffs. I tried to learn JPN but It's too hard. I tried the PT, but my pc is getting old, and It can't bare the the PT :qqb020: ...
    Anyway, I think RHS staffs are awesome:qqb011:. Thank you for everythings you've done for us (me) and everything you will have done...
    (sorry fot my bad english:qqb019:)
  10. ANBUSora's Avatar
    I really respect and admire all of The Staff at Red hawk, to have such dedication and love for manga!

    I Really feel the same about most scanlation groups that don't exploit others for their own benefits!
  11. Ib's Avatar
    RHS Staffs... weapons of mass destruction under the care of Stalker-sama in order to achieve world domination
    Updated 07-05-2012 at 07:24 AM by Ib