• [li]name: Rinko Days[/li]
    [li]AKA: LovePlus; Rinko Days[/li]
    [li]genre: comedy, romance, school life[/li]
    [li]illustrator: Seo Kouji (other works: Cross Over, Suzuka, Kami no Iru Machi)[/li]
    [li]status: no volumes yet (ongoing) as of 14 October, 2010[/li]
    [li]scanlating: 3 chapters (ongoing) as of 14 October, 2010[/li]

plot: Aikawa Wataru is a new transfer student who lives on his own. (His father having been transferred overseas) At the urging of his teacher he becomes a Library Representative. On his first day he is sent to find a missing member, and not knowing what she looks like, wanders the school looking for her. Her name is Kobayakawa Rinko, and it seems that she is well known for her bad attitude, but what is the source of that?