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    Lightbulb Speed your browser by changing your DNS

    Changing your DNS settings can speed up browser performance quite a bit. Learn how to pick the best one for your setup and change to the fastest free server for your needs. A small project made by some guys here in RHS , the other one doesn't really like to read manga.

    Anyways, most people use the default DNS settings provided by their ISP, and while they are usually sufficient for most purposes, there are plenty of free options out there, like OpenDNS and Google DNS. Namebench is a free app that checks to see whether your current settings are optimized and, if not, which free option is best for you. Here's how to use it:

    1. Download and install Namebench here.

    2. Fire it up and choose your settings. Keep the top two boxes checked. If you're concerned about network censorship, check the third box, and if you want to help the developers , check the last box. You may want to tweak the rest if you're outside the U.S. or want to experiment with different browsers.

    Step 2: Choose Namebench settings.

    3. Click Start Benchmark and wait while Namebench runs its tests. It should take several minutes. A browser tab should pop open when Namebench is done and give you a list of DNS servers and how much faster they are than the one you're currently using, unless yours are already the fastest possible.

    4. Namebench does not change your settings, but it's generally pretty easy to do it yourself. Check with the instructions you got from your ISP to set up your modem and/or router and just substitute the DNS addresses you received from Namebench for the addresses given by your ISP. It's best to do this with your router, as it will assign that DNS address for all the devices attached to it.

    That's it! This can dramatically improve your browsing speed, and it's fairly easy to work through.


    Well most likely, you have to extract it again to use NameBench coz it's was the only way they were able to create a self-contained .exe file
    in Windows that included a copy of Python, as Windows does not currently ship with a Python runtime.

    Alternatively, you can download the source code and
    py2exe, then run tools/release_win.bat to create your own
    namebench.exe file, without the self-extractor.
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