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    Wink GameBooster

    Download Link Below: Please Read First

    “The program is the latest evolution of the CNET editor five-star-rated Game Booster software, an immensely popular precursor that has been downloaded an astounding 100 million plus times.”

    Give Your Game a Boost

    Getting the absolute best performance out of your system and games isn’t rocket science but it can sure be tough to figure out. In partnership with IObit, Razer Game Booster is your simple yet power solution. All it takes is a click of a button, and it will automatically enhance the state of your system and focus all its resources purely for gaming, allowing you to zone in on your game the way it’s supposed to be played without wasting time searching online for the best game settings or configurations.



    Game Mode

    This feature focuses in on your game by temporarily shutting down unnecessary functions and applications, putting all your resources purely for gaming, allowing you to zone in on your game the way it’s supposed to be played without wasting time on settings or configurations.

    Pick your game, click on the launch button and let us do the rest to reduce stress on your computer and improve frames per second.


    Configure Settings

    Worried about what programs are being temporarily shut down? Click on configure to see what processes are being temporarily shut down. Feel free to take control and decide what runs and closes. To assist you, this mode provides you with details of your PC, from how much memory the processes and services are taking up to the percentage of CPU usage each program consumes. It’s time to free up some space for your games!

    Stay calm and keep cool

    Integrated at the bottom of the launcher screen is a temperature monitor to make sure you can keep an eye on your PC overheating.

    Calibrate Mode

    Simplify the process of setting up your PC’s performance by conveniently providing you with the option to Tweak, Defrag, or update any outdated drivers.

    Don’t know where to start to optimize your computer and gaming settings? Remove all the confusion with the tweak tool, which will automatically analyze your PC and enhance all configurations for you.

    If you want to decrease the load time of your games, try using the defrag tool. Defrag will organize your game file folders and keep it organized to run more efficiently.

    The driver tool will keep your PC up-to-date. Click on “Drivers”, for a quick scan of your computer components and see what’s outdated and needs to be upgraded.


    Expert Mode

    Consider yourself an expert in the PC Realm? Click on the Tweak tool and checkmark Expert Mode. From here, you will have access to several processes and services to optimize and tweak just to your liking. The restore dropdown list will allow you to undo your tweaks and return to Windows default settings. You can also save your personal tweaks with the Operate dropdown list. Export your personal tweaks and provide them to a buddy to import, so the both of you can run your games in peak performance.

    Know the ins of your system

    Go to the diagnose screen and click analyze to know exactly what’s going on with your computer. This will provide you with a full detailed report of hardware and software information pertaining to your computer. This report can then be exported or copied and sent to a computer guru to provide you with additional advice to enhance your PC.

    Share Mode

    Have you ever wanted to record video from your favorite game? Enjoy Share mode, a bonus feature where you can show off your skills, create tutorials, and more with the ability to record real-time audio/video and capture screenshots. Create Machinima and join the You Tube revolution! Set up the keys the way you want to benchmark your frames per second, record high-quality gameplay footage, and capture in-game screenshots. Now you can share your favorite gaming moments and scenes with all your buddies.


    Screen Capture

    Did we mention how easy it is to take high-quality in-game screenshots? With a press of a key, you can capture an epic moment and share it with a friend or use it as a desktop wallpaper.


    ~Does gaming mode affect any of the processes?~
    Razer Game Booster temporarily shuts down extraneous processes in gaming mode but restores all functions and applications upon exiting the game.

    ~Does Razer Game Booster require internet connection to function?~
    To start using GameBooster, you will need to create a Razer Synapse account over the internet. Any subsequent usage of Game Booster does not require an internet connection.

    ~How much does Razer Game Booster cost?~
    Absolutely nothing! We are providing this software as an added value to all our Razer fans/community for their continued support and dedication to Razer.

    ~I am unable to boost Steam or Origin Game with Razer Game Booster. Help?~
    We are still investigating this issue but in the meantime, a quick solution would be adding the Steam or Origin Launcher into Razer Game Booster. All games within the launcher will remain boosted.

    ~When will Razer Game Booster be available to everyone (and not just the beta testers)?~
    We plan to have it go out in Open Beta in Q4 2012.

    ~What languages does Razer Game Booster support?~
    At the moment, only English but other languages will be supported soon. To find out what languages, email

    Download Here:
    or to sign up for their beta testing program (you have to wait for the beta testing confirmation and it's only limited-- I provided you with an alternative and faster solution )

    (If you're having problems with the download: Register an account HERE and put this Coupon Code: free6mtfb for premium account access worth of 6 months- Until April 2013 and go to "My Account" and Check The Direct Download box | There free premium account worth no penny )

    Step 1: Download The GameBooster
    Step 2: Run The Installer And Follow the Onscreen Instruction
    Step 3: Register a Synapse Account and Confirm your New Acount. (If you already have a Synapse Account, feel free to log in)
    Step 4: Once you logged in, better keep yourself acquainted with the software by clicking the ? icon at the top right corner of the application to open up the quick start guide. You can also click on the ! button located at the bottom right to get some info on each features
    Step 5: Once your comfortable with the software, go ahead and start boost your games!

    Please provide feedback through the integrated feedback mechanism in the software at or at (To Make The Software Better )

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